Greetings my delicious tapioca pearl in the galaxy’s cosmic smoothie! As you know Phil, the rodent of seasonal hope, saw his shadow. We don’t know how Phil felt about it but I can only imagine his feelings were both deep and sensitive as only an earth dweller’s can be …and probably content if not happy.

Scientists, almanac writers and others seem to want us to have a more anguished response to the expected weeks of more of winter. Does it need to be so?  No! Absolutely, not! We could be content as, Phil probably is, right now! Lets just make it up! We can decide what our own shadow portends for us and we can make it fantastic…at the very least fun!

O.K. consider, you have caught sight of your divine shadow just out of the shower. What could it mean? How about 6 weeks of compliments! Or suppose you have just arrived home from the market? How about 6 weeks of caloric consequence free eating! Perhaps, your shadow shows up while you are awaiting the change of a traffic light?  This is big… why not allow this one to grant you 6 weeks of self acceptance and appreciation!

A perfect warm up for next week’s kick off of the LOVE season , which technically never ends… feel free to keep it up for the rest of your life… you can only get better at it,

O.K… now I challenge you to create some really wonderously grand meanings of your shadow!Send then to me we’ll share your brillance with the world.

Shanti, to you and your shadow!


Published by

Guptah Ji

I was born in the moment some time ago which is, technically impossible, as there is no time, but for our sake let's just say we're both here now ... and that's more than good enough to become enlightened!


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